Arctic Road Rally – GRIZZL-E


Arctic Road Rally
September 14, 2022

The Arctic Road Rally is an electric vehicle technology demonstration to help drive increased EV awareness, inspire adoption, and inform infrastructure development in Alaska. The 2022 event took place August 12-16 along a 1,096-mile roundtrip route on the Dalton Highway between Fairbanks and Oliktok Point, Alaska, the northernmost drivable point in the U.S.

The event is about putting EV tech through its paces – demonstrating what it can do and identifying any areas for improvement. The Alaska Electric Vehicle Association believe everyone should be able to access the long-term cost savings and other benefits provided by electric vehicles, so they set out to prove that the cars, trucks, and chargers could handle anything.

Arctic Road Rally drivers used Grizzl-E chargers along the route because of their toughness and durability.  Temporary charging points were placed at multiple locations along the Dalton Highway, tied into locally available power sources in each location.

The event was a great success, and the Alaska Electric Vehicle Association said the Grizzl-E Chargers worked great.

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