Big Box Store

Business case – Big Box Store
Recommended set up
Mix of private and Public Nodes
One PCPH lite for fleet and one PCPH for customers
Business Process:
Encourage usage of store POINTS cards towards EV charging. Special interface between Grizzl-E Portal and store points system needs to be developed to incorporate. In general, an additional revenue generator for the store. Attract customers with provided special rates or free charging with store points.

2 thoughts on “Big Box Store”

  1. Please contact me for information I need on power requirements… PCPH and Nodes. What is your maximum charging KWH?

  2. Gleb Nikiforov

    For North America, PCPH power input is 110V. PCPH only consumes 4 AMP in full version and 2 AMP in Lite version, PCPH maximum power output is 40A or 10 KWH.
    For Europe, PCPH input is 220V, Nodes would be 1 phase 10 KW or 3 Phase 22 KW. 3-Phase Nodes would be released close to Q2 of next year.

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