Business Case – Condominium/Strata
Sub-case: No Public Nodes.
Recommended setup:
This is the case when charges are installed by Condominium/Strata ONLY for private parking of the owners. So there are only Private Nodes and those Nodes are Dedicated to owners. Condo management knows which Node assigned to which owner and issue the RFID card per owner (usually 2 cards).
In this case only one PCPH Lite is required at minimum. Location of this PCPH would be preferred by the main floor elevator.
Business process:
Nodes installed at deeded parking lots. Owners park the vehicle, plug in the charger to the car and on the way home scan RFID card at the PCPH lite. PCPH will initiate the charging session.
In Stand Alone Mode: Every month manager will go to PCPH and download usage reports to bill owners for actual use.
In Connected Mode system management, ad billing is automated through the portal. WiFi or LAN internet connection need to be provided to the PCPH. Owners ca be billed per KWH at adjusted rate which will cover the carrying costs of such system.
Sub-case: Public EV charging provided for visitor parking spots.
Recommended equipment: In this case, full PCPH is required.
Few Nodes which are installed at visitor parking spots are set as Public Nodes.
Business process:
Same as previous case but Visitors will pay to charge at the actual PCPH on their way to visit owners and will be provided with receipt at the PCPH.
In Condominium/Strata Business Case very important to understand the carrying costs of such system over time. We provide below the table of 10 years system carrying costs with most popular current systems:
Example of 30 EV chargers in the Condo/Strata parking garage (Competitor data is more or less accurate, allow some variations):
Charging network Cost per charger, USD Additional cost, USD Total cost per 30 chargers Monthly network fees Total cost of ownership for 10 years
ChargePoint CPF $1700 USD At least one Cell booster: $1000 USD $52,000 USD $20 USD per charger: $600 USD per month $72,000 USD for 10 years $124,000 USD
JuiceNet JuiceBox Pro 40 $1400 USD At least one WiFi/Cell Booster: $1000 USD $43,000 USD $150 USD per charger per year: $45,000 USD for 10 years $88,000 USD
FLO $2500 USD At least one Cell Booster: $1000 USD $76, 000 USD $120 USD per charger per year : $36,000 USD for 10 years $112 000 USD
Grizzl-E $500 USD At least one PCPH $2000 USD $17,000 USD No network fees in Stand Alone Mode $17,000 USD

7 thoughts on “Condominium/Strata”

  1. Hi!

    I’m the president of a 44 unit condo association and we’re super interested in your solution for our carports. In particular being able to meter individuals’ usage when pulling off of the carport mains. Pretty excited about your product!

  2. John Poldoian

    Do you offer an EV charger with direct billing to the user? There are 3 people in my condominium who want to fund a shared charger, but management will only allow us to install it with direct billing of electricity to the user. I am pleased to manage and install it, but need a low cost charger with this capability.
    Thank you,

    1. Gleb Nikiforov

      Thank you for the question. Please define direct billing? Can direct billing be billed monthly to the users of this charger? In this case Yes, PCPH system will work!

  3. We are a 130 unit strata complex that is 30 years old. We need a system that will share a 40 Amp circuit over four chargers and keep track of the usage. The power will come from a strata common circuit. Essentially the same meter that tracks the garage lights and elevators. We would need to repeat this configuration about 35 times to provide all parking spots with access to an individual charger. The load study of power capacity indicates that our electrical system can handle 35 additional 40 Amp circuits.
    In reviewing design options, it appears that the overheads of networked systems provide a $10.00 solution to a 25 cent problem. We need to track the usage to ensure charges are fair between users, however the charges are small compared to what the owners already pay in maintenance fees.

    Does your system provide power sharing between chargers, (in our case 4 chargers per circuit) and track the power consumption? Our timeline to proceed will be this year.

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