Business case – Workplace
Recommended set up
Mixed Private/Public Nodes for all employees, Special Nodes for C level management for dedicated parking spots.
At least one PCPH, number of nodes cover 50% of workers with Electric Vehicles.
Business Process:

Employees either given RFID cards or PCPH is trained to work with exiting office access cards. Any employee OR visitor can park and plug in at any spot (except dedicated for C level). PCPH is located at the main floor of the elevator. Nodes are marked clearly with provided numbers. Employee enters the Node number and presents the card or PIN code to activate the charger. Visitor provides node number and payment to activate the charger.
C-level employees just tap the RFID card to initiate the charge. In dedicated C level garages, the authentication can be skipped completely and charger will start charging session as soon as it is connected to the vehicle. Timer can be set for Employee charging to allow 4 hours per charging session to encourage employee to vacate the spot. Billing can be done by management depending on internal company decisions and laws. Employee can be either provided with taxable benefits or would need to compensate company at the rate determined by the company management.

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