About United Chargers

Who we are

United Chargers Inc. is a Canadian EVSE manufacturer focused on research, development, and manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. Our products are proudly made in Canada in our 38,000 sq Ft facility located at 25 Pollard St, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada.

Our company aims to speed up the adoption of Electrical Transportation by providing more practical, effective, and affordable EV charging solutions for Home and Commercial use.

The company was founded by its CEO, Gleb Nikiforov, in 2019 to advance the market for EVSE research and development, and by the end of 2019, it expanded into EVSE manufacturing. Gleb Nikiforov is an Electric Vehicle advocate, and his primary goal is to speed up the adoption of electric transportation by creating practical and affordable EV charging solutions that will incentivize drivers and businesses to switch to EVs.

United Chargers strongly advocates for Electric Transportation and its economic, environmental, and health benefits. We are committed to a future in which Electric Transportation is affordable and accessible for everyone.

Company Mission

United Chargers Inc. is the only major EVSE manufacturer in Canada or the USA that does not use government subsidies to finance its business. We are an entirely self-funded business, receiving no government funding and have no plans to receive government funding in the future. We are not part of any organization, advocacy, or lobbying group. We are a profitable company that paid over $500,000 in taxes in 2023.

Our competitors have received millions in government subsidies to expand their EVSE operations and are still not profitable. We reject this inefficient use of taxpayer money as it only leads to companies creating more expensive products. Our company firmly believes that to achieve greater adoption of Electric Vehicles and EVSEs, companies will need to learn to become profitable without tax-payer-funded incentives by developing more economical and sustainable EV Charging products.

When you buy a product from United Chargers Inc., you are supporting a local business in growing, developing new products, and generating profits to pay taxes. We are a proudly Canadian company that believes in keeping manufacturing and operations in the country with components sourced from North America.

Company History

The first company charger, the Grizzl-E Level 2 EVSE, was released in June 2020 and is the most affordable and robust 10 KW EVSE for Home use. Grizzl-E uses an efficient design to lower costs for customers and a rugged metal enclosure for any indoor or outdoor environment. Grizzl-E was a huge success and quickly became one of the best-selling Level 2 EVSEs for home use.

In 2021, United Chargers released the Grizzl-E Smart, adding a Wi-Fi extension to the proven Grizzl-E design for smart charging. In 2022, we released the Grizzl-E Duo, which has two cables and a power-sharing algorithm to charge two EVs simultaneously. In 2023, we released the Grizzl-E Mini, the small, compact, portable 40A Level 2 Charger that also works as a Level 1.

United Chargers is committed to continual research and development to advance the EV Market with new and innovative EV Charging products. In 2024 and beyond, we will add even more EV Chargers to our lineup, including the Grizzl-E Ultimate 80A Smart Charger and the NEW Grizzl-E Duo Smart.