Grizzl-E Connect App

Grizzl-E Connect App

Grizzl-E Connect: Empowering You to Charge Your Way! Take charge of one or many charging stations effortlessly with our intuitive software.

Native usage

Experience seamless home charging with our user-friendly app. Plug in, set your preferences, and enjoy the convenience of effortless electric car charging.


Monitoring of the charging status of your car, power, current and other important indicators is always at hand.

Status check

With our app, you can check your charging station's status in real-time, from anywhere, ensuring you are always in the know.


Set a schedule for weekdays and weekends. Take advantage of off-peak electricity rates to save money.

Connection Gide

Convenient charging in a couple of touches


Ensure the indicator light is alternating Blue + Magenta. Connect to the Grizzl-E Smart. Wi-Fi Network. The Wi-Fi network name is your serial number. Password is “password”.


In your browser, enter the IP address This will open the Wi-Fi settings page. Next, enter your home Wi-Fi credentials to connect the charger to your home network.


Open Sign up and add your charger by scanning the QR code located on your Charger or entering the serial number.

Your personal dashboard

In our application, you can view the charge history and track expenses. If your plans change, you have the option to reschedule your charging session or start it right away.

You will be able to deal with all these nuances and more thanks to our intuitive interface.

Charging History

Experience comprehensive insights into your electric vehicle charging habits with our application. Easily access and explore your complete charging history, allowing you to track your energy usage over time.

With a simple tap, you can select any specific charging session to delve into detailed charging statistics, including duration, energy consumption, and cost. This level of data visibility empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your electric car charging experience like never before.

Charging Schedule

With our app, the power is in your hands to plan and organize your charging sessions effectively. Real-time monitoring of energy consumption empowers you to make sustainable choices while optimizing your charging preferences.

In doing so, not only do you potentially save on charging costs, but you also play a role in minimizing your overall ecological impact.

Designed specifically for our smart charging station

Wi-Fi Connected Charger


You can download the app from your smartphone's app store (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) and follow the installation instructions by watching the video above or by downloading our manual.

Yes, the app supports multiple charging stations, allowing you to manage them all from one interface.

The program is designed for the Grizzl-E Smart charging station, but for different models of electric vehicles, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Yes, you can set up a charging schedule within the app to automatically start and stop charging at specified times.

The software interface displays information about the charging status and completion of charging of your electric vehicle.

Yes, the app allows you to view charging data history and generate reports to analyze your charging habits.

Yes, you can set your preferred time to charge your car to optimize costs based on your utility's pricing structure.

If you have additional quality questions or problems, you should contact our Technical Support, they will be happy to help resolve all technical issues.

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