Fleet or School/College/University – GRIZZL-E

Fleet or School/College/University

Business case – Fleet or School/College/University
Sub case: Gated fleet
Recommended set up
Special Nodes for all users with no authentication.
At least one PCPH Lite, one Node per fleet vehicle.
Business Process:
PCPH only collects statistics of charging session for accounting purposes.
Sub Case: Mixed fleet (schools, non-gated parking lots, etc)
Recommended set up
Mix of private/Public Nodes and at least one PCPH. At least one Node per fleet vehicle. Signage required on mixed and Private Nodes.
Business Process:
Mixed fleet set up allow to charge fleet vehicles and as well provide pay per use charging to generate additional revenue. Fleet drivers provided with RFID cards operating on Private Nodes. Location is at the back of parking lot is preferred in order not be occupied by visitors. Few nodes located at front of the school for example which can be used by public depending on time. At time school bus is at the school charging, Node can not be used for Public use. All Nodes potentially can be opened to public overnight with payments processed though the PCPH. This system will turn any school parking lot as neighborhood charging overnight and generate revenue to the school or business.

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  1. Hello,

    Would I be able to get a spec-sheet for the Level 2 chargers and any software management guides that may come with it? I’m building a spec table for prospective chargers for a client I have.


    1. Hello Randy.
      No, we do not produce Level 3 chargers, the Grizzl-E Kodiak is a white labeled product from Europe.We are not planning to make level 3 chargers at this point, we are trying to finish and enhance our complete line of level 2 products at the moment.

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