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Grizzl-E Mini EV Charging Station

Grizzl-E Mini is the small, versatile, and portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station built to go wherever you go.

Measuring only 6.9″ x 3.1″ x 2.4″, Grizzl-E Mini is easy to transport to any location. With a sturdy NEMA 4X Aluminum Cast Enclosure, adaptable voltage for Level 2 or Level 1 Charging, and locally accessible smart features, the Grizzl-E Mini is the most versatile portable EV Charging station available.

Grizzl-E Mini provides a maximum 40A current output to provide 10kW to your vehicle. Mini can be adjusted from 7A to 40A, giving the flexibility to work with almost any circuit. Mini automatically measures input voltage to work as a Level 2 charger at 240V or a Level 1 Charger at 120V.

Grizzl-E Mini has locally accessible smart features to monitor the charger, set charging schedules, track power usage, and much more.


A small compact enclosure for easy transport. Works with 240V or 120V outlet, easy to adjust settings for multiple locations. 


Automatically reads voltage and adjusts. Can work with 240V or 120V circuit. Comes with 4 types of adapters to work on multiple plug types.


The only portable charger with an indestructible water- and fire-resistant metal  enclosure

Local Smart Features: 

Adjustable settings and real-time charge monitoring. Accessible smart features when close to the charger.

Grizzl-E Mini package contents

Grizzl-E Mini Local Smart Features

Grizzl-E Mini features a full set of smart features.

  • Monitor the status of the charging station
  • Set charging schedules
  • Set charging limits
  • Track energy consumption
  • Track electricity costs
  • And much more

The smart features are local, so you must be within the charger’s Wi-Fi range to access and use them.

Grizzl-E Mini can tie into your home Wi-Fi to conveniently access smart features.

Download Grizzl-E Mini Technical Specifications

Select the link to download the Technical Specification sheet for the Grizzl-E Mini.



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