Grizzl-E: Most Popular Home EV Charger in Canada
April 4, 2022

Full Charge Driving survey has named Grizzl-E the most popular J1772 Level 2 Charger in Canada. The survey asked Canadian EV owners in various social media groups or forums to provide which level 2 charger they used at home.

Grizzl-E was listed as the top choice for Canadians

Brand % of Respondants
Grizzl-E 14.6%
Chargepoint 12.8%
Juicebox 10.7%
Flo 8.5%
EVDuty 5.5%
SunCountry 3.7%
No home level 2 EV charger 4.3%
Other (all the miscellaneous ones lumped together) 7.6%

The survey states:

Users were pleased with how well the charger handled Canadian winters, particularly the watertight design and the charging cord (which didn’t get too stiff to use in cold temperatures). The Grizzl-e also has the added bonus that it can be portable or easier to install, as it uses a NEMA 14-50 or NEMA 6-50 plug.

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The most popular home EV chargers in 2022: A Canadian survey – Full Charge Driving