Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Bundle – Now Available
April 6, 2022

The Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Bundle is now available for sale. In collaboration with ChargeLab, the Commercial Bundle is the complete commercial EV Charging solution.

The commercial bundle includes:

  • Grizzl-E Smart hardware
  • 3-year equipment replacement warranty
  • 3-years of free ChargeLab connected services
  • QR code sticker and set-up guide

The Commercial Bundle can easily be set up to start accepting payments with just a Wi-Fi connection. All businesses need is to attach the QR code sticker and follow the simple steps to connect with ChargeLab connected services. With ChargeLab connected services, you can set who uses your chargers, set pay per use fees, configure power management, and much more. These software capabilities are essential for any commercial, multi-family, or fleet EV charger deployment. Customers do not need to download an app or register for an account to pay for charging, and the stations do not use RFID cards. Customers simply scan the QR code and pay through the mobile browser to begin charging. There are no fees or monthly payments, so after credit card processing, all the revenue you generate is yours.

All chargers are UL Certified, Energy Star Certified, and guaranteed to work for 3-years. The chargers are built tough for any condition, with a durable NEMA 4 rated indoor/outdoor enclosure, so they can operate in any type of parking lot.

Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Bundle is the simplest, most effective solution for generating revenue through EV Charging. The commercial bundle is available in the USA and Canada for USD$1,299.00 or CAD$1,699.00. Check it out in the Grizzl-E Store:

Products: USA: Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Bundle – GRIZZL-E

Products: Canada: Grizzl-E Smart Commercial Bundle – GRIZZL-E