Grizzl-E Smart – All Units Now Able to Connect to ChargeLab
February 17, 2022

To all Customers with a Grizzl-E Smart:

All units are now able to connect to ChargeLab. Follow the instructions:

First, Check the Manufacturing Date on the Label

If MFG date is after January 1, 2022, download the ChargeLab app, create an account, and connect the charger using the My Charger tab. 

If MFG Date is before January 31, 2022:

  1. Ensure the Wi-Fi network UC_Smart_[Serial#] is broadcasting from the Grizzl-E Smart. If the Wi-Fi signal is not found, follow the instructions to Reset Wi-Fi.
  2. Follow the link to Check the Firmware Version of the device. If you have Firmware Version 5.43, proceed to connect to ChargeLab. Chargers with Firmware Version 5.53 will not be upgradeable and need to be replaced. If you have Firmware Version 5.53, fill out the Technical Support Form.
  3. Follow the Instructions to Connect to ChargeLab.
  4. Contact ChargeLab or using the in-app chat and provide your:
    • ChargeLab account email address
    • Serial number for your Grizzl-E charger
    • Home address

Please contact United Chargers Technical Support if you have any questions. United Chargers thanks you for your patience during this time.