Grizzl-E Smart Upgrade Available
July 7, 2021

United Chargers is launching the upgrade process to Grizzl-E Smart. Customers who purchased a Grizzl-E Classic before the Grizzl-E Smart became available will be eligible for an upgrade to the smart unit.

Upgrade Eligibility:
Any customer who purchased Grizzl-E Classic before April 1, 2021, is eligible to upgrade a Grizzl-E Classic unit to a Grizzl-E Smart Unit.

The upgrade price is not yet determined due to the worldwide shortage of semiconductor components. When the semiconductor shortage is resolved we will keep the upgrade cost at a minimum.

Currently, we plan for the upgrade to be available starting 1 October 2021.

Register for the upgrade by submitting the Upgrade Form before 1 September 2021. Submissions after 1 of September 2021 will not be accepted.

This Upgrade offer is a ONE TIME opportunity to upgrade Classic Grizzl-E into Grizzl-E Smart. Upgrade will be performed through a complete PCBA replacement (owner will keep the old Grizzl-E Classic PCBA).