Pre-orders for the new revolutionary Grizzl-E Power Control and Payment Solution will be available starting Monday, June 15th
June 11, 2020
Pre-order your unit now and start making money by providing EV charging
You will make great ROI and help to speed up adoption of Electrical Transportation around the world! We will have better civilization with less wars and longer human life if we ditch gasoline engines for good.
Provide EV charging at your business or organization, create additional revenue and profit, help the good cause.
Grizzl-E Power Control and Payment Solution is the first system of its kind in the world, which goal is to make money to the station owners by providing inexpensive and simple to use EV charging. With unprecedented value of just $699 USD per port and $499 USD for additional ports, this Solution is even more affordable than Home charging stations currently available on the market and few levels of magnitude more affordable than any commercial solutions currently available.
We at United Chargers expect tremendous demand for our systems in the world, that is why your pre-order will help us to understand the realistic market need and rump up our manufacturing immediately to be able to provide for demand.
United Chargers goal is to accelerate adoption of Electric Vehicle transportation in the world”