Heavy-Duty EasyEVPlug – Tesla


The Heavy Duty EasyEvPlug is the revolutionary EV Plug holster, specially designed to hold the plug and wrap the cord when you are not charging your vehicle. 

  • Improve organization – the EasyEVPlug holster and cable management device is the ideal accessory for your EV charger. The design holds the plug at a special angle for more clearance. Keep the EV charging plug in a safe and convenient location to stay organized and extend the life of your EV Charger.
  • No Need to Aim – the patented design allows you to always insert the plug flawlessly – even in the dark. Simply insert your EV Charging plug into the holster, and it will click into place. Compatible with Tesla to J1772 adapters.
  • Integrated cable management – can wrap up to 25ft of cable. Keeps the cable organized and out of the way when not charging your Electric Vehicle.
  • Heavy-duty – made from high-quality plastic and a thick, sturdy design. The EasyEVPlug holster is durable and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Easy Installation – Package includes the holster, 4 screws, and 4 drywall anchors for easy installation. The holster can easily be mounted on any flat surface near the EV Charger.

One EasyEvPlug is included with the purchase of any Grizzle-E EV Charger. You can purchase an additional EasyEvPlug to be shipped with the charger at a discounted rate. Only available with the purchase of the charger.

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