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Ivan Woo


Highly recommended.
Awesome product, built well and solid (perfect for outdoor use)! Its’ installed on the outside of our home.
Bought this due to overwhelming positive feedback from many other EV owners in various social media groups.
Currently set to 40A and rock solid. Nice long charging cable.
When I told my electrician, I had the Grizzl-E she was relieved — apparently its her favourite to install (compared to many others)….easy to install/setup.
I bought this from their office, and picked up the Outdoor Safety Lock as well as the Heavy-Duty EasyEVPlug.
Some may not need the SMART feature (depends on your EV, whether you require charger scheduling).
Happy to support this great Canadian company!

Blayne Adams


Got this charger 2 months ago and it has been rock solid, nice heavy duty box and it has been exposed to a cold and wet Oregon winter with many days being below freezing temperatures, snow and hail , and keeps working perfectly in charging my new Chevy Bolt EUV. Thank you for making such a excellent wall charger at an affordable price, if you need a charger and it’s going to be installed outside where it’s exposed to the elements, this is the one to get.


Bruce MacNeil


I am thrilled. We have a NEMA 14-50 plug at our residence and another plug at our cottage. The Grizzl-E is extremely well built and instills confidence. The DIP switches were preset to 24AMPS to accomodate our 30AMP circuit at home. We take the charger between the 2 locations and are super duper happy.

Thanks Grizzl-E: the best choice for no fuss or muss.

James Lampert


  After over a year and a half, I am still completely satisfied with my GRIZZL-E.  It has been completely reliable, and now, in addition to charging my Leaf, it also charges my father’s plug-in hybrid (a Kia Niro). And nobody has complained in the slightest about the charging cable hanging behind a bush, next to my garage door.

Lauritz Goodrich


So good I bought a second one! Very well built and rugged. Looks really good too in my opinion. Nice to have a great, affordable option that’s made in North America! Very good value for the high quality build and comes with everything you need including mounting hardware and plug holster. Nice that you can select J-1772 or Tesla and can choose plug holster color (e.g. white to match avalanche edition). Charging a Mach-e at 40amps, NEMA 14-50.

Plug for the outlet is on the left side, would be nice to be able to pick left/right for convenience for mounting, but not a huge deal.

Famous Wok/Umi Sushi


We purchased the Grizzl-E Commercial Bundle and started offering public charging on May 19th. And charge $2.00 per hour which is in line with the level 2 rate on municipal charging stations. 

We offer this charger at our corporate office located in an office/industrial area with residential nearby. We wanted to future proof, take advantage of great rebates and offer a charging option to fellow neighbours.

We don’t plan to install more but if people start using it regularly then we may consider another Grizzl-E charger since it offers power management capabilities between multiple charging units.

Famous Wok/Umi Sushi Express is a family-run business franchising fast-food restaurants across North America. We love partnering with innovative Canadian companies and supporting green initiatives.

James C.


I have been entirely happy for 12 months. I am considering buying a second unit for another location. 40A breaker is adequate (running at 32A charge). Drywall garage interior necessitated simple self-install of 18x24x3/4″ plywood mounting board onto studs. Watch owner’s video and become convinced. I don’t think you need to spend extra money on smart charger (vehicle already capable) or extended warranty. Grizzl-E is THE best.

Shane Mathews


The Duo greatly simplified my original charging plans for my two cars (Tesla Model Y LR, Polestar 2 Dual Motor LR). Works great with my 14-50 plug and 50A GFCI breaker. Great company, great product.

Robert Young


It has been a year since we first connected our unit. It has been trouble free and lovely to use.
Installed in a cold and snowy place, the premium cable is worth it – flexible even at very cold temperatures.
Grizzle-E was a pleasure to deal with and a special thanks to Anna Fedina for sorting out small pre-purchase glitches before we were even aware!
There are a number of level-2 chargers now in our complex. The Grizzl-E is the best built and the best value… other owners have noticed this and are moving in your direction.


Jan Rayl 


 I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for the way you and your team handled our EVSE issue and to let you know the replacement unit is performing flawlessly.  (we hope GM ultimately does the same with our Bolt battery issues) My wife and I are spreading the positive word to anyone we encounter about United Chargers.  Thanks again.

James Lampert


With my 22-year-old Toyota Camry (which I’d vowed would be my last hydrocarbon-burning vehicle) teetering on the brink of total engine failure, it was time to realize my plan of buying a Nissan Leaf. But I knew that I’d need a charging station, one that would allow me to charge it in my driveway, since the garage hadn’t had space to accommodate a car in decades. So once I knew that a Leaf used an industry-standard charging connector, I began to research charging stations.

Five things immediately impressed me about the Grizzl-E: (1) It’s affordable. (2) Instead of a smart-phone app to set the charging current (not a good choice because I don’t have a smart-phone, and because it could be hacked), or a front-panel switch (which could be bumped to the wrong setting), it uses an internal DIP switch. (3) I can get it with a 24-foot charging cable, useful if I have to park on my father’s side of the driveway. (4) The charging plug hook is a separate piece, allowing me to put the charging unit inside the garage and the cable outside. And (5) it’s Canadian-made, a product of North America, designed to survive outdoors under far less forgiving weather than what I get in Southern California.

But would it fit? The most practical location has a large cabinet in the way, a military-surplus locker, older than I am, that can’t be moved intact without dismantling other things. Mr. Nikiforov gave me the critical dimensions, allowing me to cobble together a clearance mock-up (which turned out to be a fraction of an inch larger than the real thing). It told me my first-choice location wouldn’t work, but since there aren’t any front-panel controls, just a single indicator light, all that really mattered was that I mount it where the indicator light could be seen, and so I found a place high on the wall, above both the garage door and the cabinet, that would work.

There were delays in getting the 240V power socket moved to the front of the garage (it finally happened on Christmas Eve). Since I ended up placing the order on Christmas Day, there were understandable delays in getting the Grizzl-E. But the local Nissan dealer had a Leaf on hand, a low-mileage 2018, that met all my requirements, so the only delay on that was because I needed to return a rental car and get my checkbook. So by the time the Grizzl-E arrived, I’d been using the car’s portable charger in level-1 mode for a week, and so I began the installation immediately.

First up was swapping the power cord: since it’s only a 30A circuit (a repurposed electric clothes dryer circuit that had never been used, since we’ve always had gas dryers), with a 14-30 socket, the 14-50 line cord had to be replaced (with an off-the-shelf replacement dryer cord). Since a 30A power cord is quite a bit smaller than a 50A cord, I built up the diameter with 7 layers of heat-shrink tube, so that the strain-relief could get a good grip on it. And of course, while I had the front panel open, I also double-checked that the DIP-switch had been factory-configured for the 24A rate, as requested.

I jury-rigged it so that I could plug it in without any danger of it falling (over six feet onto a concrete floor), and plugged it into my car. It worked flawlessly, and the next morning, I set about mounting it.

After a week of running the charging cable under the garage door (the same as I’d been doing with the portable charger), it was time to finish the installation. I’d planned on hiding the cable behind a bush next to the garage door, but that meant that the Easy EV Plug hook wouldn’t work by itself. So I’d spent several evenings fabricating a cable hanger from a piece of a composite deck plank, some scrap ABS sheet, and some scrap stainless steel sheet metal, for a bracket to mount the Easy EV Plug sideways. Knowing it would be outdoors, I used all stainless steel fasteners as well. Once it was ready (and painted to blend in with the trim color of the house), it went up more quickly and easily than I had any reason to expect. Then it was time for the hole: a 7/8 inch hole through over six inches of wood surrounding the garage door. Once that was drilled, it was time to pull the locking pin and take the unit down, so that I could remove the cable, pass it through the hole, and then reconnect it. Mr. Nikiforov had suggested that I take a picture of the wire configuration, so that everything would go back correctly; I found it easier to simply swab some paint on the terminal strip, to match the wire colors.

Once everything was back together, it was time to re-mount it, take up the slack in the charging cable, and test it. Once again, the unit performed flawlessly.

Between the simple, rugged design and the ease with which I adapted it to my unusual mounting situation, I would recommend this unit to any first-time electric vehicle owners, or to anybody else looking for a simple, rugged, electric vehicle charging station.

Ted Ankrum
36 Ordered on 6/1/2020 delivered on 6/9/2020. No US sales tax and free shipping at a bargain cost, compared to other 40 amp EVSE’s. Replaced a kit open-source EVSE bought in 2014. Condo was giving me grief about the kit EVSE not being UL-certified, and they were right. I’d been looking for a quality 40 amp EVSE but was reluctant to pay the $500-plus prices being asked. As an electrical engineer, I just couldn’t see where the content of an EVSE warranted such prices.
The Grizzl-E EVSE was the right price and the pictures showed a quality-looking product. When the EVSE arrived, I took the front plate off to confirm that the dip switches had been set to the 32 amp maximum I had specified in my order. While the cover was off, I took a look at the innards. I am very impressed. The PCB is high quality and the main power relay is solid-state–a big improvement over the mechanical relay in my old EVSE. This means that there are NO mechanical components in the Grizzl-E EVSE and it’s mechanical components that are most likely to eventually fail or have worn contacts caused by arcing when the relay opens and closes.
The indicator light for ready/charging/fault is an LED on the circuit board with a light pipe to the cover plate. This means that there are no wires from the circuit board to a light on the cover plate–one less component to fail. The nature of non-mechanical electronic circuits is that once one gets past the “infant mortality” stage, they just keep on working absent some kind of transient electric spike from something like a nearby lightning strike. Since there are no mechanical components in the Grizzl-E EVSE, I expect a long service life. I was very impressed with the thought that went into the design of the Grizzl-E. I can see that it is such that it minimizes costs, while preserving quality. My Grizzl-E replaces another EVSE, so I had to deal with an existing mounting/electrical supply situation. For me, the electrical supply cord was too short to reach the outlet from the mounting position I had to use. The fix was to mount the Grizzl-E up-side down. I messaged with Gleb to confirm that this would not present any problem, other than looking weird, and he was very quick to respond with an OK. The mounting plate accommodated this easily. One interesting feature is the inclusion of a removable pin that prevents removal of the EVSE from it’s mount. I drilled the small hole in the end of this pin a little larger and used a small padlock thru the hole to prevent removal of the pin. This will not stop a determined thief, but should prevent a “casual thief” from easily removing the EVSE from it’s mount. I was quite pleased that both 6-50 and 14-50 plug options were offered. Many of the competitors I passed over only offered the 14-50 plug. I have some suggestions for consideration: 1) Include a gasket in the cover. I am in a high humidity environment and it would give me a little more confidence in weather tightness. 2) Offer a direct-wire option. 3) make the hole in the end of the locking pin a little larger to accommodate a small padlock.
Comments from Gleb Nikiforov, United Chargers CEO:
Ted, thank you very much for excellent engineering review! yes you nailed exact points we put into the product to minimize costs and prolong life of the unit. About your suggestions, here is my reply:
  1. Gasket is already included with the lid, charger is NEMA 4 and you can power wash it.
  2. Grizzl-E can be easily hardwired by any electrician, manual describes what need to be done.
  3. We offer inexpensive lock pin as accessory for the charger.
You can order it with Grizzl-E at the moment of purchase for just $9.99 US through web site or order 7 mm shaft pin lock in any home hardware store. You can lock it so good, that even determined thief would have to go home empty handed!.
Ron Ternet
We recently purchased a Grizzl-e 40 amp charger direct and wanted to let you know that my wife and I are ecstatic as to how the entire process went. The hardest part was getting the electrician over to do the final connections to a new 50 AMP circuit. Our charging time with the unit that came with our Honda Clarity would take a full 12 hours to charge, since it worked off of 110V. Our new Grizzl-e is 220V / 40 AMP and charges our car in an hour and a half from bottom to top. The unit is rock solid, connectors are as described and expected, and has given us a lot more flexibility for driving pleasure. We were fortunate enough to install inside our garage, so not concerns with the elements, here in Florida.
Since the charging port on our car is at the left front, we placed the Grizzl-e charger just ahead of where the car parks to make it easier to connect and no wires to step over. This has been a wise choice over all the others out there and I cannot recommend strong enough for those looking, to give a good second and third look at this unit. It is designed for today, and is expandable for the future. Great Job everyone!
Sean Sullivan
Thank you! You folks are amazingly helpful—even when your device is not the problem but the installer (me) is!
My wife ordered her electric car before Covid 19 hit– we had planned to hire an electrician to come in and wire the house for a charger, but needs-must and I ended up getting a permit and doing the wiring myself. You factory set my charger for 32A which is perfect for the 40A breaker I installed. Your staff figured out what I’d done wrong OVER THE PHONE! I had tested the circuit and I had power going to my 14-50 socket from my 40amp breaker, but when I plugged in the charger, nothing. I knew the charger was working when I called, because I tested it by plugging it in behind my stove (same socket type). On the new circuit I built in the garage, nothing lit up. I explained this, and the person I spoke to knew immediately that I had a phase issue. He was patient enough to explain what that meant in a way that allowed me to visualize the problem at the breaker panel and fix it (on my panel, a double pole breaker needs to start at an even number space in order to be phased correctly, otherwise both poles are on the same phase…)
I never would have figured this out on my own, and if you’d not been so helpful I’d have to have hired an electrician. THANK YOU!
Steve Rossignol
Installed during winter. Very good Product. Good Quality. Easy to install with NEMA plug.
You can trust United Chargers. I proudly recommend Grizzl-e chargers
Pat Anderson
This is a fantastic charger for my Model Y! Getting 40 amps! I can dig that!
Elaine Kalin
Five stars to this company for customer service! I originally planned to purchase a 32 amp charging unit, but after meeting with my electrician, it was obvious that the simplest way to install the charger where I wanted was to tap into my existing 30 amp dryer outlet that I wasn’t using. Figuring I would have to settle for a 16 amp charger, I found the Grizzl-E on Amazon and realized that the it would allow me to use the 24 amp setting. My electrician agreed and I ordered the unit.
Everything went smoothly in the installation until my electrician got to the instructions on setting the dip switches. He noted that the switches were upside down based on the photo in the manual, and that the settings in the manual weren’t correct. Through trial and error, he was able to set the charger to 24 amps and it appeared to be working fine.
Three days later I noticed the light on the charger was red instead of blue. Using the instructions in the manual, I switched off the circuit breaker and then switched it back on. That appeared to work, but the charger later spontaneously went to the red light again. Contacting the company and explaining what had happened, the CEO instructed them to send me a replacement unit with a shipping label to return the malfunctioning unit. The second unit had the same problems, but I couldn’t even get that one to work by switching the breaker off and on.
By this time, my electrician and I had already talked to several people at United Chargers, including the CEO, and it was obvious that they wanted to solve my problem and determine what was going wrong with the first two chargers. Before sending me the third charger, they forwarded an instruction sheet on calibrating the unit before setting the dip switches. The third time was the charm, and my newest charger is working perfectly!
For future purchasers who plan to set the dip switches to a setting other than the factory default, do not use the printed manual that comes with the charger. There is an online version that does have the correct settings for different amps. Also, I would suggest that you make sure to get the calibration steps and follow the instructions carefully. Doing that resulted in a successful installation. I have recommended to the company that they make sure to instruct buyers correctly.
But the bottom line is that everyone at United Chargers, including the CEO, was willing to do whatever it took to get this right for me, and that’s service you don’t find often, particularly for a product purchased online.
Make sure to watch the YouTube video on the Grizzl-E website that shows the CEO running over the charger with a truck! My electrician told me he’s installed a number of chargers, including Tesla’s, and there’s no way any of them would survive that challenge.
Rahim Mawji
Short version – buy it now! Product is tough as nails – watch video of Gleb running it over – quality components (first photo) vs. cheaper internals from competitors, exceptional customer service, quality documentation the is kept up to date (online) and is a simple install with an available pin lock for added security.
If you’re reading this, chances are you are exploring / researching EVSEs. With so many options, from more established brands like: Clipper Creek, ChargePoint, Juicebox, Siemens and others, to your other brand agnostic (mostly the same with the exception of branding) varietals like Mustart, Primecom, Duosida, BougeRV, Megear, Morec and others to be established.
I went down the Cliper Creek and import band Amazon spiral. I initially purchased a 240V 40 AMP Mustart – which I returned for the fear of survival in an outdoor location during warm summers (90’s F) to below freezing (9 F recently) climate in the New England – Connecticut area. Regarding value, dollar for dollar, I received A LOT more value with the GRIZZL-E:

— Quality parts, made and tested (prior to shipping) in Canada– 3 year warranty

— Exceptional customer service – I even heard directly from the CEO – how often does that happen? This just speaks volumes about being invested in product and client

— Very competitive price for quality and features (adjustable Amperage – which competitors as of now, charge Arm and Leg for – which I don’t have any extra limbs)

Other info.:

– I bought the premium cable version, 24 foot – have it hooked up to my 50 AMP circuit (thanks to my Mr. electrician magician) and situated in front of my driveway – this thing is solid and cable is thick and pliable even in 9 degrees F (see photos) and layered with a 1/4 inch or ice

– Charges my Honda Clarity in about 2 hours from ZERO (about 24 miles per hour)

– Has helped electrify my 34 mile commute (which I usually complete in full electric with the exception of days below 20F, where I’m on hybrid more for about 4-6 miles.

I waited to write this review and I am happy to report that the unit has survived frigid New England weather and worked flawlessly even when covered in a 1/4 inch ice sheet. It is also portable – simple to slide out of mounting should you ever need to travel with it or move.
I appreciate the company’s vision to support a more sustainable, greener future, the CEO’s vision, investment and leadership, exceptional customer service and wish Grizzle-e nothing but the best ahead! These are exciting times!
Terry Smith
There are a lot EV charging stations out there. Some look flimsy and others are way over engineered with internet connectivity and displays. Additionally, the technical details and installation requirements are lacking never giving you enough information. The Grizzl-e manual’s specifications and requirements is there best out there. I found your product on Amazon, but then searched for your site to learn more about your company. I’m glad I did because I then saw that you had the premium cable option that handles cold weather better and that was a concern in the back of my mind since we can have many weeks of subfreezing temperatures where I live. Those 2 points and the simple configuration made my decision to buy easy even though it is a brand new product. Once I received the unit the fit and finish was excellent. It is rugged and the bracket and hardware are just right making it easy to install and secure enough to stay put. Finally, it charged my 2019 Chevy Bolt quickly. Thanks for a great product!
Michael Huie
I order the Grizzl-E in September 2019, NEMA 6-50 24 feet cord with black EasyEVPlug with Premium Cable. I waited a couple of months to make sure everything was in working order. I love it! The Company is also very responsive to questions. The case is solid metal, the cable is premium and heavy duty. I love the option to eventually switch up to 40amps in the future. For now i am charging a 2019 VW e-golf at 32 amps. I mounted the charging station in my garage, but I have not doubt, the station could easily handle exterior mounting. I live in the bay area of California, so don’t experience freezing cold temperatures like other parts of California or US. But, I wanted the premium cable for the “just in case”. The price is great for this charging station. I’m also happy with the 3 year warranty! Good Luck United Chargers. I’ll recommend this charging station to all new buyers of EVs.
Gleb Nikiforov – United Chargers CEO
Dear EV Owners and EV Owners-to-be! I am happy to announce that after a long time in development, our first EVSE product is available – the Grizzl-E Level 2 EV charger. We have made it available only for US market on the 12 of September 2019. In February of 2020 we will make it available for all Americas markets.
The goal of Grizzl-E charger is to make a more affordable and robust unit which would last longer and is very simple to use in order to speed up the adoption of Electric Vehicles in the world.
We have put a lot of effort, new ideas and our vast 7 years of experience in EVSE field into this product. It is made to be easy to use, less parts to break and designed to last. The metal case enclosure is virtually unbreakable and able to sustain harsh weather.

As for the quality – we stand behind our products! Grizzl-E charger has been proudly made in Canada with the highest quality and tested with ALL EVs on the road today and have been tested in both winter and summer conditions.

Would there be ANY issue with the unit, please give us a call or submit ticket via web site – we will immediately help! Your worry free charging is our number ONE priority!
Grizzl-E is a robust and affordable charger – we have used a lot of new approaches to the EVSE in order to lower down the cost of equipment and increase the lifetime of the unit. The DIP switch inside the charger will be able to set different output currents from 16 AMP to 40 AMP output so you can buy the Grizzl-E charger and have it work for you to the maximum you can get from your electrical panel.
Grizzl-E is tested with all Tesla vehicles. It is powerful 40 AMP 10 KW charger. You would not need to change your charger if your lease on Tesla is over and next time you would decide to buy another non-Tesla electric vehicle. I know from my own experience, that once you went electric, you never come back to ICE. Market of Electric Vehicles is growing rapidly and more and more choice is available. Really looking forward personally to see Rivian, Bollinger, Byton, Rimac and other new start ups to grow into the EV market! And they all use standard J1772 plug.
In the package with the Grizzl-E charger, you will also receive the EasyEVPlug – our new innovative plug holder which is designed to protect your plug in extreme weather conditions.
Choice of 2 input plugs of NEMA 6-50 or NEMA 14-50 gives you a choice to minimize your installation costs by selecting the cable which fits to your current outlet.
By providing a choice of Premium Cable we let you select the cable designed to be used in cold climate. It stays flexible in cold weather and provides you with better charging experience.
Our innovative back plate with security features allows you to mount the charger outdoor and secure it with the coupler lock.Lock is available on our web site. It is also readily available in any hardware store.For indoor use, the security Pin is provided with the charger.
Dear Customers! We are looking to receive your feedback about the product! Please share your experience using Grizzl-E EVSE with us and the rest of the world!
Charge On and #KickGas!

Gleb Nikiforov
United Chargers CEO
Member of the Board of Electric Mobility Canada
EV owner and enthusiast since 2012
CEO of Autochargers.ca Corporation – Canadian Reseller and installer of all EVSE brands in Canada since 2013.