United Chargers at Expo Eléctrica in Cancun
February 28, 2023

United Chargers displayed its products at the Expo Eléctrica in Cancun, Mexico. The Expo Eléctrica is Mexico’s premier tradeshow for lighting, automation, electrical equipment, and green energy.

United Chargers was able to display its full lineup of Grizzl-E EV Chargers and spoke to the media and visitors about the great features that Grizzl-E offers.

See the interviews here:

Gleb Nikiforov CEO

Expo Eléctrica y Solar del Caribe ’23, ELECTRATON’s coverage | Thank you United Chargers for participating in the coverage of #EEYSC023 CANCUN edition 2023 | By Electratón | Facebook

Damian Araneda Vice President of Business Development LATAM

UNITED CHARGERS en Expo Eléctrica y Solar del Caribe ’23, cobertura ELECTRATON | Gracias a United Chargers por participar en la cobertura especial de #EEYSC023 CUN 2023 | By Electratón | Facebook

Grizzl-E EV Chargers will be coming to Mexico soon. We will see our Mexico customers again in June at the Mexico City Expo.