Smart Charging

Verified Network Providers


ChargeLab is an operating system for EV chargers to connect charging infrastructure everywhere you find electric vehicles. 

Contact ChargeLab through their website: ChargeLab: Electric vehicle charging software 

To connect to ChargeLab follow the Grizzl-E Smart Charger Configuration Guide


AmpUp is an EV software and network provider that enables drivers, hosts, and fleets to charge stress-free. Download the App from the Apple or Android App stores, or go to the website: AmpUp – Intelligent EV Charging. 

User Guide: How to Set Up your Grizzl-E Charger With AmpUp

Contact AmpUp customer service at (833) 692-6787

Use the portal at to update to the latest Firmware Version.  Follow the Connect and Update guide for 

If you would like to become a verified network provider please send an email to