Can the Grizzl-E EV charger charge all EVs on the road?

Yes, all models of the Grizzl-E EV Charger work with all Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid models. Tesla vehicles need the use of a J1772 to Tesla adapter to work with Grizzl-E. 

How long will it take to charge my car with the Grizzl-E EV charger?

This varies according to the maximum current output. When the maximum current output is set to 40 Amp it will add approximately 30 miles per hour to your EV or PHEV battery until its fully charged. At 32 Amp it will add approximately 25 miles per hour, 24 Amp will add approximately 18 miles per hour, and 16 Amp adds about 10 miles

How long does the Grizzl-E EV charger last?

The Grizzl-E EV charger built to last at least 5-10 years. Even if you buy a new EV model you do not need to change your charger for your next vehicle.

What is the difference between the different Grizzl-E Models? 

The only difference between the Grizzl-E Classic, Avalanche, and Extreme edition is the look of the enclosure. The Grizzl-E Smart has a Wi-Fi extension module that allows it to connect to a network and run smart charging features. 

What do NEMA 14-50 and NEMA 6-50 mean? 

NEMA 14-50 and NEMA 6-50 are two types of 50A electrical plugs that Grizzl-E uses. NEMA 14-50 has 4 prongs and NEMA 6-50 has 3 prongs – view this diagram to see the configuration of both plugs and receptacles. If you do not already have the electrical receptacle installed, we recommend contacting your electrician to verify what type of receptacle is best for your home before purchasing the charger. 

What is the EasyEVPlug?

The EasyEVPlug is a small plastic device meant to hold the charging connector and wrap the cable when you are not charging your vehicle. One EasyEVPlug is included free with the purchase of a Grizzl-E Charger. The EasyEVPlug can be mounted anywhere near the charger to always keep the connector in a safe location and the cord out of the way.  The patented design allows you to always insert the plug easily. 

Is Grizzl-E EV Charger portable?

Yes, the locking pin can be removed to easily lift and transport the charger. Accessories such as outdoor locks, soft carrying cases, additional wall cradles, and additional plug holders are available on our website store.

Is Grizzl-E UL and cUL certified?

Yes, the Grizzl-E Chargers are UL and cUL certified. The UL file number is E510712. 

Is Grizzl-E on the approved EV chargers list in Quebec and British Columbia?

Yes, the Grizzl-E EV charger is on the Quebec and BC Hydro Approved EV chargers list. To see a full list of the incentives and rebates Grizzl-E qualifies for, check out our Incentives and Rebates page. 

What level of charging does the Grizzl-E EV charger provide?

Grizzl-E EV charger is a level 2 charging station. It provides between 16 Amp and 40 Amp of maximum continuous output to the EV or PHEV. Maximum current output is regulated by adjustable DIP switches on Grizzl-E EVSE board.

Can I adjust my maximum output current on the Grizzl-E EV charger to use smaller breaker if my current electric panel does not support 50 Amp breaker?

Yes, Grizzl-E is designed to accommodate several output modes: 16 Amp for 20 Amp dedicated breaker, 24 Amp for 30 Amp dedicated breaker, 32 Amp for 40 Amp dedicated breaker, and 40 Amp for 50 Amp dedicated breaker. The default factory setting is to 40 Amp. 

How can I adjust the output mode for the charger to set maximum output current to the value my panel can accommodate?

If you need to set up Grizzl-E for a 20, 30, or 40 Amp breaker, remove the front cover of the charger and adjust the DIP switches inside. For more information on how to do this please refer to the manual. The Grizzl-E EVSE is designed so that opening the box does not void the charger warranty and there are no loose parts or wires inside the unit.

Can I ask to pre-set the DIP switches?

Yes! We now provide an option to choose the maximum output current for your circuit breaker and pre-set it at our factory.

Why do you need to open the charger and use DIP switches in order to set maximum output current, why you did not create an app to change the maximum output current?

Using a manual switch to set the maximum output current is the best way to ensure the charger is acceptable to most electrical codes and inspectors in North America. Other EV chargers may allow users to set the current via an app, however, as easy it is to set up, it’s also easy to change those setting in the mobile app by mistake, which could put electrical infrastructure of your home in danger. Since they can easily be changed, many electrical authorities in North America only allow chargers with Apps controlling the maximum output current to be used with breakers with the maximum available circuit. This defeats the purpose of having variable current settings. Utilizing a physical switch inside the charger is a legal and safe means of allowing for variable current settings. This method is also used by Tesla and other EV charger manufacturers.

Do I need to use any apps or internet to use my charger?

Grizzl-E Classic, Avalanche, Extreme edition all work without any internet connectivity or applications. Grizzl-E Smart is Wi-Fi connected and can work with any OCPP 1.6j application. 

What is a free app I can use for home EV Charging? 

Grizzl-E has partnered with ChargeLab as the default app for residential home charging. We are planning to test and integrate Grizzl-E Smart with an additional 2-3 OCPP applications every month. View the Grizzl-E Smart Connection Guide page to see a full list of network providers and how to connect to them.  

What is an OCPP application? 

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an open-source communication protocol for networked electric vehicle chargers. The Grizzl-E Smart is able to work with any charger management software that uses these protocols to direct Smart Charging. There are many software providers that use OCPP for their Smart Charging software. Some have free applications that can be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play store. View the Grizzl-E Smart Connection Guide page for a list of Verified Network providers to see all the software that is compatible with the Grizzl-E Smart. 

Is Grizzl-E made in Canada?

Yes, the Grizzl-E EV charger is proudly designed and built in Canada. It is engineered to be one of the toughest and longest lasting EV chargers on the planet, to withstand elements and harsh weather conditions. Grizzl-E takes on cold and heat, snow and rain with its fully air-tight NEMA 4 aluminum cast enclosure and selection of premium or Regular output cables for different climate conditions.

Why Grizzl-E is so inexpensive? Is it made of cheap components?

Absolutely NOT. Grizzl-E is inexpensive because it uses an efficient design and excludes other unnecessary components that have aesthetic appeal but do not increase functionality. United Chargers is committed to providing high-quality economical charging solutions to advance the adoption of electric vehicles in North America. Grizzl-E chargers are assembled in Canada with the highest quality components and first-class workmanship, with all required certifications and regulations. Every charger leaving our assembly line undergoes multiple quality control tests to ensure that they are fault proof. For more information on how the Grizzl-E is made check out this video on our YouTube channel.

How is the warranty supported from Canada? Can I rely on Canadian company to keep me protected for warranty claims?

Absolutely! Your flawless EV charging experience is our number one priority! The Grizzl-E EV charger is made with high-quality components to prolong the lifespan of the unit beyond 5-10 years of use and goes through rigorous quality assurance throughout the production process. If any issue with the performance of the product arises, we will replace it free of charge within 1-5 business days. Please fill out the technical support form or contact our toll-free support line at 1-833-971-8118 and we will contact you immediately to solve any issues.

What is your Warranty Policy? What does it cover?

All United Chargers products are covered by either a 3-year or 5-year replacement warranty. United Chargers warrants that Grizzl-E is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period specified in the warranty from the date of purchase.
This warranty will not apply if the product has been misused, abused, or altered. The warranty for the cable does not include normal tear and wear. Plugs that have been exposed to snow or water for a prolonged period of time are not covered by this warranty. The warranty will apply only if the product is defective.  
Please open a Technical Support ticket (see website footer section) or send us email to techsupport@unitedchargers.com if you experience any issue with our products.
For all products that are under warranty United Chargers will issue a replacement unit free of charge. United Chargers will cover shipping and handling expenses for both the replacement unit and, the return shipping for the defected unit.

See the full Warranty Terms and Conditions in the Policies page.

Grizzl-E and JuiceBox: Are they related?

There are only a few EV chargers on the market that utilize metal enclosures, because the manufacturing cost of metal enclosures is significantly higher than most plastic enclosures. JuiceBox 2.0 is now only made by EnelX in a plastic enclosure, as EnelX redesigned the JuiceBox 1.0 charger and is no longer using the generic and widely available metal rectangular enclosure. Because Grizzl-E is made to withstand the harsh and extreme climate conditions of the Canadian North, we produce it with a metal enclosure. This best meets the requirements for NEMA 4X air- and water-tight rating of the charger, and although the metal enclosure is more costly, it helps make the Grizzl-E a truly robust charger. Most electrical NEMA-4-rated metal boxes on the market utilize the same construction principles, such as a lid with 4 screws in a rectangular box.

Due to certification requirements for connectivity of cables to metal enclosures, the Grizzl-E enclosure might look somewhat similar to the metal enclosure used on the first version of JuiceBox, but this is where any similarities end. Grizzl-E is an inexpensive non-smart EVSE with DIP switches inside the box to control the maximum output current. JuiceBox is a smart and significantly more expensive connected EVSE with Wi-Fi and has the ability to adjust maximum currents through the app. Grizzl-E is NOT associated or related in any way with the respected and trademarked products of EnelX’s previous-generation JuiceBox. All trademarks mentioned belong to their respected owners.

Do you have bi-directional chargers? 

Bi-directional chargers utilize CHAdeMO DC standard and are extremely expensive with prices up to a few thousand dollars each. Our goal is to make our products more affordable by focusing on mass market products and we believe at that price point there is no financial reason to buy these in high-volume yet. 

My vehicle only draws a maximum of 32 amps. Is there any problem with getting a charger that is set to 40 amps if I have a 50-amp breaker? 

You should set the charger based on the maximum rating of the circuit breaker regardless of how much the vehicle accepts. The car communicates with the charger to determine how much power it requires, and the charger delivers. 

How robust is the heat dissipation?

Metals dissipate heat far more efficiently than plastic. This is one of the major advantages of having a metal enclosure for the EV charger.

Is the 7mm security lock pin included with the purchase?

The lock is NOT included with the charger. The security lock can be purchased in the website store for just $14.99 US or 19.99 CAD. If you purchase the lock at the time as the charger, we will ship them together. If you want to purchase a lock after you have already purchased a charger please email info@unitedchargers.com and we will send you a secure link to pay for the lock and shipping. 

Do you have more questions? Please ask us at 1-971-8118 and we will post them here in FAQ section!