Grizzl-E is one of the most popular 40A Level 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers on the market. With its tough metal enclosure and exceptional performance, Grizzl-E is built for any environment. Grizzl-E offers a full range of EV Charging products and is always developing new products for home and commercial EV Charging.

As an authorized Grizzl-E Reseller, you will gain access to discounts and other perks for your business. Becoming a Grizzl-E authorized reseller allows you to be a part of the fast-growing Electric Vehicle industry. Add a revenue stream for your business, for construction, electricians, the automotive industry, and more. Offer your customers the toughest and most versatile EV Charging station!

Become a Grizzl-E Authorized Reseller

To become a Registered Reseller, select the sign up for an account and email [email protected] with information about your business including business name, address, and industry.

A United Chargers Sales Department will contact you and approve or deny your application based on the information we receive.

Approval of registration is the sole right of United Chargers Inc.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the processing of your application for at [email protected]

United Chargers Reseller Program